Q: How Does it Work?


You bring in your old stuff. We market and sell it. You and us split the profit 50/50. All consignees get an Online Membership account to track all of your products activity. Same day pay outs (with active PayPal account)! That simple!

Q: A Real 50 50 Consignment Vs The Others, Whst is the diff?


Some consignment models and pawn shops tend to bend their margins as thus:

Let's say you bring in an item and request $1 for it. The "entity" then proceeds to sell it for $10 and instead of giving you $5, they give you only what you asked for ($1) and keep the remaining $9.

Well not at Dukes! We have 100% transparency with our pricing and you as the consignee, may log into your account at any time and see your items and what we are selling them for.

If you come into Dukes and ask for $1, and we sell it for $10, you will get $5 or whatever YOUR FAIR SHARE OF 50% IS!

Simple as that!

Q: Cash Out Rules


If we sent a check to you by mail, you may not receive cash from the shop unless you bring the check in with you (for shredding).

PayPal payouts will be responsible for the PayPal incoming fees.

Taxation of income is your responsibility! Let's keep those street lights on and the Fire Department in action! (Aside from all the other things)

Q: Do You Have to be Over the Age of 18 to Sell?



Q: Dukes Drop Off Rules and Fees


Dukes encourages drop offs (bulk loads of goods) so long as the consignee is registered and well versed with our general regulations. Items that are dropped off and that are not accepted into inventory are requested to be picked back up within 24 hours, otherwise it may find its way to the dump! Furthermore, to expedite your inventory and to ensure it doesn't get lost or misplaced be sure to add your Sailor ID Number to your items before dropping them off! PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Consignees that drop off junk that has to be thrown away will be charged dump fees! Dump fees begin at $25!

Q: How Much Do You Charge a Consignee?


We split everything 50/50

Q: Return Policy


Please check our Return Policy here.



As of now, Dukes Chandlery does NOT accept:

Non Inflating Life Vests

Outboard Engines


Flamable or Toxic Liquids


Small Fur Bearing Animals

Non Nautical Objects

New and or Used (even if slightly) Burritos or Used Sanitation Hose

Q: When Do You Get Paid?


You can collect your funds(via PayPal) as a consignee the very same day your item sells! Otherwise we can send a check or you may come into the store for cash!

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