Buy Kyosho RC Sailboats for Sale at Dukes Chandlery! An official Kyosho Dealer!

In the world of RC (Remote Control) there are several names. One though, stands out from the rest as far as service, precision and performance goes. That name is Kyosho!

Sailors know that balance and ratio is everything when racing. Same could be said for the Kyosho engineers. These boats are as finely tuned as the 12 meter yachts of the America's Cup. Feel the point power and trim to your hearts content with these majestic models!

Want more power? Ask us about the Carbon Fiber Series! YES! The amazing world of Carbon Fiber has made its way into the RC world with a splash! Dukes Mini Fleet has several cabon fiber boats that you can watch and try for yourself!

Contact us here with any questions that you might have!

Length 612mm Width 130mm Height 1,135... - Location = Sausalito USA

453 Views, added on Mar/14/2016

#1729 Kyosho Fortune 612 III, Dukes Fleet, RC Sailboats
$ SOLD! on Jun/24/2016

Length 612mm Width 130mm Height 1,135... - Location = Sausalito USA

417 Views, added on Mar/14/2016

Length 998mm Width 226mm Height 1,850... - Location = Sausalito USA

404 Views, added on Mar/14/2016

#1731 Kyosho SEAWIND, Dukes Fleet, RC Sailboats

Non carbon version. Length 998mm Widt... - Location = Sausalito USA

490 Views, added on Mar/14/2016

#1732 Kyosho EP JETSTREAM 600, Dukes Fleet, RC Powerboats

Length 690mm (Hull 600mm) Wid... - Location = Sausalito USA

344 Views, added on Mar/14/2016

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